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Open Rooted Walnut Sapling

Walnut Saplings

The walnut saplings we send from our field to your garden without an intermediary are Chandler and Fernor. Sold with the right pollinator which are fernette and franquette, our walnut saplings are 100% guaranteed to be certificated on the right kind of name. Our blue certified saplings are supported by a grant of 400 TL per decare. Thus, your garden installation is provided by the state free of charge. We deliver our saplings from our fields to you with special safety equipment.

Open Rooted Walnut Tree

Prices of Walnut Sapling 2021-2022

Walnut sapling prices vary according to the length, certificate type and varieties of the sapling in the 2021-2022 season. The length of our saplings is between 1.50 m and 2.50 m. Sapling varieties are chandler or fernor. Our pollinator varieties are franquette and fernette. Ask about our pollinator prices. The yellow certificate is valid in all our walnut sapling varieties as standard. The blue certificate is available in our specially grown saplings, which are 100% guaranteed state grant supported (400 TL per acre). Blue certified saplings cost 2 TL more than standard certificates. Please call us for more detailed information.


Walnut Varieties

The most well-known walnut varieties on the market are below. Apart from chandler and fernor, we sell fernette and franquette seedlings, which are pollinator varieties. Other variants are posted for informational purposes only.

  • Chandler,
  • Fernor,
  • Fernette,
  • Franquette,
  • Pedro,
  • Ronde,
  • Howard,
  • Cisco,
  • Serr,
  • Kaman 1,3,5,
  • Yalova,
  • Maraş Sütyemez,
  • Midland,
  • Hartley,
  • Ronde,
  • Red.

Prices of Open Rooted Walnut Sapling

Our open rooted sapling sales season, which lasts from November to the end of March, has started.

How Much is a Walnut Sapling?

Although it seems very costly to set up a walnut garden, today walnut sapling prices are very affordable due to the high supply. Our saplings are offered for sale for 20 TL in bulk purchases of more than 1000 seedlings, and 20-25 TL in retail purchases. You can call us for your orders of at least 20 walnut saplings.

mavi sertifika ceviz fidani

Blue Certified Walnut Sapling

Our sales of blue certified walnut saplings have started. Unlike the standard yellow certificate, the blue certificate is a higher type of certificate, which provides state support of 400 TL per acre. Vaccinations made with the items taken from the rootstock breeder we have specially established for the blue certificate provide higher yields than the standard certified saplings. The price of the blue certified sapling is 3-5 TL higher than the other yellow certificate, but it provides more sanction power to you, the last planter, due to the validity of the company's commitment in case of a possible mismatch.

Blue certified sapling means the whole of the high grant support and official responsibilities issued by the state to sell 100% correct saplings, knowing the risk that the seller company will face more financial sanctions by the buyer in case of a possible fault compared to the standard certified saplings.

Companies that are entitled to sell blue-certified saplings are obliged to establish a breeding rootstock garden from the relevant sapling, no matter what kind of seedlings are produced. It means that the breeding rootstock orchard is officially a condition for the variety guarantee by the state, and the vaccinations made with the eyes taken from this garden provide a definite variety guarantee. In this way, the production of faulty varieties is prevented in practice.

In the certificate issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of the blue-certified sapling, it is written as Certified in the field of class. For yellow certified saplings, only Standard is written in the relevant class field. When buying saplings, you can inquire about this detail by asking the company for documents. To give an example from our sector, our company has a chandler rootstock orchard. We produce and sell blue certified walnut saplings with the eyes we get from this garden.

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Chandler and Fernor Walnut Sapling Prices

American origin Chandler and French origin Fernor walnut saplings are the species that are planted in every location and can bear fruit in the same year they are planted, and complete their development in their 5th year, promising a good income compared to other native saplings. For this reason, the demand for fernor and chandler walnut saplings is increasing day by day and the price balance is provided in ratio to the demand.

chandler ceviz fidanı meyvesi

Features of Chandler Walnut Sapling

As seen in the pictures above, it is a grafted variety that was developed in the University of California, of American origin, which started to bear fruit in the first year while it was a sapling in the field, and its biological tests were carried out at Kahraman Maraş Sütçü İmam University in our country. The pronunciation of chandler, which has a thin-skinned fruit structure, is "çetnır". It is planted up to an altitude of 1200. The stem of the sapling is close to red. It blooms 15 days later than local varieties, so it is resistant to late frosts in Central Anatolia and other eastern regions. It does not shed its leaves until November. The planting time of the open-rooted variety is between December and March as it goes into the resting period after November 15. The tube type, which is sold as a flower pot in a special bag with a bag, can be planted 12 months of the year. Fruit quality is high. When the fruit, which has a round structure, dries, its thin-shelled structure emerges. loves water. It is also known as a dwarf walnut tree because it grows semi-dwarf in the market. The frequency of fruit in the form of clusters is high. That's why, some people call it the bunch walnut. However, names such as cluster and dwarf are tried to be used instead of real chandler walnut saplings, and those who want to plant saplings are deceived by marketing not unspecified or ungrafted seedlings like chandler. Because of this reason, it is important that to not buy uncertified seedlings. The invoice is as important as the certificate. Our saplings are 2 and 3 years old. We do not recommend planting all walnut saplings after 3 years of age. 6 and 10 years old walnut saplings are sold in greenhouses in the market. These seedlings do not hold when planted.


Features of Fernor Walnut Sapling

It is a type of imported walnut sapling of French origin. It is suitable for planting in the eastern regions above 1200 altitude in our country.

walnut tree

Open Rooted Walnut Sapling Prices

Factors that determine the unit price in open rooted seedlings; variety (chandler, fernor), type of certificate (standard or blue), the balance of supply and demand for saplings in the season, the weather conditions in which the sapling is removed and the type of contract. Last year, sapling cultivation in Bandırma has increased compared to other years, the supply has been high, the prices have decreased, but many companies have lost and terminated their activities. Therefore, the number of seedlings this season is less and of higher quality than last year. The export of walnut saplings abroad also determines the prices in the Turkish market. This year, the demand for saplings from Azerbaijan, Macedonia and Spain is also high. As a result, an increase of 3-5 TL per seedling is foreseen in the season..


Understanding the Grafted Walnut Sapling


There is no other way to understand whether a walnut sapling is grafted other than by looking at the sapling trunk and checking the graft site. Vaccine eyes appear as in the image above. The ungrafted sapling is straight, as you can see in the grafted seedling, there is a slope in the grafting area. There is no self-grafted walnut sapling type in the market. The seedlings that grow without grafting from the flat seed, which is called Güre, begin to bear very little fruit after at least 10 years. This causes frustration for those who will plant. In the images below, we have shared with you the chandler and fernor cuttings with the correct variety information, and the grafted images of the seedlings in the 3rd month of which the graft has been completed.

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